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Why are UAE Residents Choosing Canada and Australia?

The UAE, a land of opportunity and dynamism, has long attracted residents from across the globe. But lately, there’s a growing trend of UAE residents setting their sights on new horizons – Canada and Australia. TVG Migration, your trusted UAE-based migration experts, dives deeper to explore the reasons behind this exciting shift, and provides valuable insights to help you navigate your own potential move.

Canada and Australia are renowned for their robust economies and high quality of life, naturally attracting UAE residents seeking a fresh start. However, what truly sets UAE residents apart are some hidden advantages:

Canada and Australia

  • Fast-Tracked Recognition of Qualifications: 

The UAE boasts a well-established education system with globally recognized institutions. This often translates to quicker recognition of your qualifications by Canadian (WES – World Education Services) and Australian (VETASSESS – The Australian Skills and Qualifications Assessment Service) authorities. This significantly reduces processing times and allows you to enter your chosen field faster!  Actionable Tip:  TVG Migration can advise you on the specific channels and documentation required for qualification recognition in both countries.

  • Multicultural Advantage: A Global Citizen’s Edge: 

Living in a melting pot like the UAE hones your ability to adapt and thrive in diverse environments. This cultural agility is a highly sought-after skill in both Canada and Australia. Your experience navigating different cultures and languages gives you a significant edge in the immigration process, demonstrating your ability to integrate seamlessly into your new home.

  • Business & Entrepreneurial Springboard:

 The UAE fosters a strong entrepreneurial spirit, and many residents possess valuable business ownership or management experience.   If this resonates with you, consider Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program or Australia’s Business Innovation and Investment Visa (BIIV). These programs offer pathways for skilled entrepreneurs to establish businesses and contribute to the local economy. Actionable Tip: TVG Migration can connect you with business advisors specialising in Canadian and Australian immigration programs. They can help you build a strong business plan that aligns with the specific requirements of your chosen program, maximising your chances of success.

UAE residents

Beyond these unique advantages, UAE residents also benefit from:

  • Strong English Language Skills: 

English is widely spoken in the UAE, giving residents a head start when it comes to language proficiency tests like the IELTS or PTE, often required for Canadian and Australian immigration.

  • Established Professional Networks: 

The UAE’s thriving business environment allows residents to build professional networks that can extend to Canada and Australia. These connections can be invaluable for job opportunities and settling into your new life.

By leveraging these unique strengths, UAE residents are well-positioned to navigate the immigration process and thrive in their chosen destination country, Canada or Australia.

While the general benefits of Canadian and Australian immigration are well-known, TVG Migration goes the extra mile to ensure a smooth and successful transition specifically for UAE residents:

  • Skilled Trades Advantage: Unlocking Fast-Track Options:  

Many UAE residents possess valuable skills in high demand across Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) and Australia’s skilled trade occupations.  TVG Migration can assess your qualifications and experience to identify the most suitable PNP or skilled trade visa option for you. These programs often boast faster processing times compared to the Express Entry system in Canada or points-based systems in Australia, getting you settled in your new home quicker.

  • Emirati Dual Citizenship Considerations: Navigating Complexities:  

The UAE allows dual citizenship under certain conditions. TVG Migration’s expert consultants can advise you on potential implications of dual citizenship between the UAE and your chosen destination country (Canada or Australia). We’ll help you navigate any legal or bureaucratic hurdles to ensure a seamless transition without compromising your existing citizenship status.

  • Family Streamlined Immigration: Reuniting Loved Ones:  

Family is paramount, and TVG Migration understands the importance of being together. We can guide you through the specific requirements and processes involved in Canada’s Family Sponsorship Program or Australia’s Partner Visa options.  Our support ensures a smooth family reunification process, allowing you to build your new life in Canada or Australia surrounded by loved ones.

Here’s what sets TVG Migration apart:

UAE-Focused Expertise

  • UAE-Focused Expertise: 

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s education system, professional landscape, and cultural nuances. We can translate your UAE experience into a strong application for Canadian or Australian immigration.

  • Streamlined Process & Personalized Guidance: 

We handle the complexities of the application process, saving you time and stress. You’ll receive personalised guidance tailored to your unique situation, maximising your chances of success.

  • Extensive Network & Resources: 

TVG Migration has a vast network of partners in both Canada and Australia. We can connect you with relevant resources, from language tutors to business advisors, to ensure a successful integration into your new life.

Ready to Set Sail? Let TVG Migration Be Your Guide

Considering a move to Canada or Australia? Don’t embark on this journey alone. TVG Migration will be your compass, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

Contact us today for a free consultation and receive a personalised roadmap to your new life in Canada or Australia!


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