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Embarking on Entrepreneurial Ventures
Canada’s Start Up visa program offers a direct pathway for skilled entrepreneurs and investors to establish roots in Canada’s business landscape. Embracing Canadian incorporation can facilitate the inception of your business, while the program’s tax benefits further amplify its appeal. This innovative route expedites immigration through a streamlined process, offering permanent residency and access to diverse cultures, low taxation rates, and the Canadian government’s support.
This program beckons talented entrepreneurs with a unique proposition to drive economic growth and foster employment opportunities for its residents. This visionary program is tailor-made for entrepreneurs with the potential to thrive in the Canadian ecosystem. Armed with startup funds and a vision, you can embark on your entrepreneurial journey. The process initiates by aligning with a designated entity that supports your venture.

Why Choose Canada Startup Visa

Choosing the Canada Startup Visa isn’t just about business; it’s about becoming an integral part of Canada’s entrepreneurial fabric. Embrace this opportunity, supported by our skilled Residence by Investment consultants in the UAE.

Canada actively seeks entrepreneurs who can contribute to its economy and job creation. By joining the Startup Visa program, you play a pivotal role in bolstering Canada's economic landscape.

Canada welcomes global entrepreneurs with open arms, providing an ecosystem rich in resources, including funding, that empowers the growth of new businesses.

Under the Startup Visa, applicants have the opportunity to collaborate with private companies, leveraging their financial support and expert guidance to steer your new business toward success.

The Startup Visa program fosters job opportunities for Canadian citizens and residents. Your business plan should reflect this commitment to local employment growth.

To be eligible, secure sponsorship from designated organizations like Venture Capital Funds, Angel Investors Groups, or Business Incubators. A minimum investment of USD 200,000 is typically required for the Canada Citizenship Investment pathway.

Entrepreneurs can initially land in Canada with a genuine work permit funded by a Canadian investor. As the business takes root, you can transition towards Canada permanent residence, creating a seamless journey toward a lasting business presence.

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Who Is Eligible?

  • For talented entrepreneurs with solid business ideas, this program presents a pathway to Canadian immigration.
  • Hold at least 10% of voting rights attached to all company shares.
  •  With a designated organization, maintain at least 50% of voting rights attached to all company shares.


  • Obtain a letter of support from a recognized organization or venture.
  •  Present a compelling business idea that convinces the organization of its worthiness.
  •  Meet language requirements via an approved agency's proficiency test.
  •  Attain a minimum Canadian Language Benchmark of 5 in English or French.
  •  Provide proof of sufficient funds to support yourself and dependents upon arrival in Canada.
  •  Required amount varies based on family size.
  •  Completed at least one year of post-secondary education.
  • Obtain medical and Health Examination clearance certificate.

To navigate the intricacies of eligibility and further requirements, consult TVG Migration consultants in the UAE. We're here to guide you on your journey to seize the opportunities offered by the Canada Start Up Visa program.

Application Process

Embark on your journey towards the Canada Start Up Visa Program by meticulously following these steps.

⦁ Fill out the application form, validate its accuracy, and sign it.
⦁ Complete the document checklist provided for thorough preparation.

⦁  Pay application fees, covering processing fees for both you and any individuals included in the application.
⦁  Cover additional expenses like medical examinations, police certificates, language testing, biometrics, and other relevant charges.

⦁  Before submitting, ensure all sections of your application are complete.
⦁  Verify that all required forms are properly signed.
⦁  Include receipts of processing fee payments in your application.

⦁  Assemble and include all supporting documents as per the specified requirements.

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