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If you’re looking to immigrate to Canada from Dubai or the UAE, you may have many questions regarding the process, such as how to obtain permanent residency or qualifications you need to meet. At TVG Migration, we aim to make the process quick and uncomplicated.

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TVG Migrations is your reliable partner for Canada immigration if you are a UAE resident seeking to migrate to Canada. Our team of experienced immigration consultants, backed by ICCRC, is here to assist you with the necessary documentation for obtaining Permanent Residency in Canada. With our expert guidance, you can simplify the complex immigration process and take the first step towards achieving your dream of living and working in Canada.

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Why Choose Canada?

Overview of Canada Migration

Canada has been welcoming around a quarter of a million new Permanent Residents each year, making it one of the top choices for people looking to migrate. The country offers various pathways for immigration, with many of them linked with the Express Entry System. This system is designed to manage the selection process for Canada’s economic immigration programs, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

Benefits of Migrating to Canada for UAE Residents

For UAE residents planning to migrate to Canada, there are numerous benefits to consider. Firstly, Canada is consistently rated by the UN as one of the world’s best countries to live in. It offers excellent healthcare, social benefits, and child care benefits, making it a great place to live for families. Additionally, Canadian schools are known for their high standards of education. The Canadian government also focuses on the welfare of new immigrants, offering various programs to support their transition to life in Canada.

Moreover, the Permanent Residency granted to qualifying candidates is valid for five years, and they may eventually have the option to become Canadian citizens. Contact TVG Migrations today to learn more about your options for migrating to Canada.

Eligibility for most programs is determined by following factors:​

Canada migration process is categorized into different streams and categories:​

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled Trade Program

Business/Investor Program and so on.

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