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What Are the Eligibility Requirements for Canada PR from Dubai

Canada is known well for its welcoming behavior towards immigrants as it provides more than one pathway for aspiring applicants towards Permanent Residency (PR). It is essential for Dubai residents who want to move to Canada to be aware of the qualifying requirements and procedures. This thorough article will go over the requirements for qualifying to apply for Canada from Dubai, what paperwork is needed, and how to apply for permanent residence in Canada PR from Dubai.

Apply for Canada PR from Dubai 

The process of obtaining a Canada PR from Dubai requires meeting specific guidelines which are navigated through a structural process. The main process is Express Entry Program which includes three major programs including, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) and Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP). However, while applying for Canada PR from Dubai the criteria is different and varies for each province.

Express Entry Program to Apply for Canada PR from Dubai

If you have done your education from outside Canada, It is necessary to get a Educational Credential Assessment or ECA to assess if it is equivalent to the qualification recognised in Canada. Once you have attained a minimum of 6 bands in the English proficiency test, you will have an edge over other applicants if you know French language as it aids in the application process when you apply for Canada PR from Dubai. The Express Entry profile that you create online includes all your relevant information. If your profile makes it to the Express Entry Pool, It will be ranked based on your CRS score. You can begin the process of obtaining your Canada PR from Dubai once you receive an ITA from the Canadian government, provided your profile is chosen from the Express Entry pool.

Eligibility Requirements 

The eligibility requirements to  apply for Canada pr from Dubai varies from one program to another based on the changes that are applied through government policies, However, to apply for Canada PR from Dubai, the applicant should meet the follow criteria:

  • One year or more of consecutive full-time experience, or an equivalent amount of paid work experience, in a skilled occupation during the previous 10 years.
  • Use standardized examinations like the TEF or IELTS to demonstrate your proficiency in either French or English.
  • An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) to verify the degree, diploma, or certificate is equivalent to Canadian standards if it is obtained abroad.
  • Proof of funds that represents Enough money to sustain oneself and one’s family in Canada.
  • A minimum score on the points grid, which assesses abilities in language, adaptability, age, education, and job experience.

Canada Work Visa from Dubai

If you are looking for a work visa for Canada from Dubai, you are on the right track. Currently, Canada is offering more than 800,000 jobs which covers all the skilled level jobs. Some people from Dubai first choose to apply for a work visa to Canada from Dubai, which can subsequently be converted to permanent residence. This frequently entails getting a work permit and accepting a job offer from a Canadian firm.


In Canada, there are two types of work permits. The type of permission you’ll require in Canada depends on your line of work. The employer-specific work permit and the open work permit are the available options. The two vary in the following ways:

  1. With an open work permit, you can work in any province or territory as well as for any business in Canada. This visa also relieves you of the requirement for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which greatly streamlines the process for you.
  2. The Employer Specific Work Permit is a type of  visa which entails specific requirements that must be fulfilled, such as having the ability to work just for one employer, one position, or even one place. Obtaining the employer-specific work permit is also significantly simpler.


Applying to Canada PR from Dubai is an intricate procedure that needs to be carefully planned and meticulously executed. Residents of Dubai can effectively traverse their path to become permanent residents of Canada by comprehending the eligibility requirements and adhering to the organized application process. Opportunities to start a new life in Canada abound, whether via the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Express Entry system, or other routes.

Call to Action 

For those who are ready to take the next step on this exciting journey to apply for Canada PR from Dubai, consultation with immigration experts can increase your chances of a successful application process that is smooth and hassle free. Apply to Canada PR from Dubai today and take the next step towards a stable and prosperous future.


  1. What is the significant advantage of Canada Pr from Dubai?

Canada PR allows individuals to enjoy the freedom to study anywhere in Canada. It allows them to have access to various benefits including, healthcare, social services and the ability to apply citizenship after residency. 

  1. What are the main pathways to obtain Canada PR from Dubai?
  • Express Entry Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Family Sponsorship
  1. How is the CRS Score calculated for Canada PR from Dubai?

A person’s age, education, employment history, language competence, and adaptability all affect their CRS score. Possessing a legitimate work offer, a nomination from a province, or Canadian training or experience can get you extra points.


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