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Canada Requirements

Are you dreaming of studying in Canada as an international student? Canada offers a promising path for students from all around the globe with its world renowned universities and welcoming environment. In this comprehensive guide, we will guide you related to all the requirements for international students in Canada.

Studying in Canada

Requirements for International Students in Canada

Canada has emerged as the third largest destination for international students. A Student Visa allows international students to enter Canada as a student. To be eligible for student visa, you must be enrolled in the study program listed under the Designated Learning institution as this is one of the major requirements for international students to study in Canada. It is necessary to apply for a student visa before traveling and you must have all the required documents like proof of funds and statement of purpose before applying for the student Visa. Moreover, it also depends on where you apply from or travel from. It is also suggested that the requirements for student visa application may vary from time to time. International students in Canada requirements are updated on the government of Canada’s official website for the students who wish to study in Canada. 

International Students in Canada Requirements 




Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

A proof of acceptance from a Canadian Designated Learning Institution

Proof of Identity for Canada Student Visa

Identification and travel document

Proof of Financial Support 

Evidence of sufficient funds that can cover tuition fees and as well as living expenses

Purpose of Visit

To provide a statement as why you want to visit 

Language Test Scores

The result of your English proficiency test

Statement Purpose for Canada Visa

A letter that gives you an opportunity to explain why you want to visit Canada

Personal Documentations 

Birth certificate, Marriage Certificate and other personal documents for verification purposes.


Table 1: Requirements for International Students in Canada 

Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Your college or university must provide you an official letter of acceptance (LOA) as soon as you have decided on your program. The original LOA must be submitted with your application for a student visa

Express Entry in canada

Proof of Identity for Canada Student Visa 

Two current passport-size pictures and a valid passport or travel document are required. Kindly fill out the back of each image with your name and birthdate. In addition, your passport must contain at least one blank page for the duration of your student visa.

Proof of Financial Support 

You need to be able to support yourself and, if necessary, your family financially. This can also be known as proof of financial support or proof of money for a Canada student visa

For that purpose the following documents are necessary as a proof of financial support:

  • Bank Statement of the last six months 
  • Balance Certificates
  • Proof of tuition
  • Source of income of your financial sponsor 

Purpose of Visit 

This is your chance to explain that you want to come to Canada in order to further your studies. In this step, you could be required to provide specific information or supporting materials, such as your previous academic records, employment history, career goals and advancement, and results from a language proficiency exam. Tests of language proficiency that are accepted include PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS.

Language Test Scores 

It’s crucial to become familiar with the test format, practice sample questions, and hone your language skills frequently. To make sure your application is competitive, strive to meet the minimal requirements provided by the universities you are interested in applying to.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this letter is to clarify your immigration to Canada to the person reviewing your application. This is your chance to highlight your qualifications for the program and why you would like to study in Canada.

Personal Documentations

Depending on your nation’s requirements, you might need to attach more documents.including, Birth certificate or a marriage certificate if necessary.

Canada PR Requirements for Students 

There are many options available for international students who wish to move to Canada permanently. The first step towards permanent skilled worker immigration to Canada is completing an Express Entry profile. There is no assurance that completing an Express Entry profile will result in an invitation to apply for permanent residence. 

Some of the categories demand prior work experience in Canada. After completing your education, you must apply for a work visa through the Post-Graduation Work visa Program if you wish to work in Canada.


Studying in Canada offers excellent education, cultural diversity, and a wealth of chances for both professional and personal development, making it a life-changing experience. The road to studying in Canada offers countless opportunities, regardless of your goals—be they to start a new life in Canada or return home with employable skills.


1.What are the requirements for international students to study in Canada?

The first step is to ensure you have a valid passport. Moreover, It is necessary to have a letter of acceptance from the desired institute, proof of funds and other authentic documentations that are necessary for the application process. 

2. Is IELTS or other English language tests part of study permits in Canada?

Yes, Majority of the universities in Canada choose English proficiency tests. However, you will have to check which test is applicable in the university you have applied to.


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