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In the year 2023 alone, Australia received 737,000 migrating to Australia from Dubai from all over the world. Now, migrating to Australia from Dubai is a journey that promises opportunities for the people who are taking it up. Are you also contemplating? While we know that it is an exciting journey full of new cultures, new people, stunning places, and a higher lifestyle. The process to reach your goal can be tricky.Therefore in this blog, we are discussing the important steps to help you with the big move. Moreover, we will also list down Australian Immigration Consultants in Dubai who can assist you in this journey.

What’s the Appeal?

Australia is working like a magnet for skilled people worldwide and there’s a good reason why. It has a multitude of job opportunities for people in fields like Science, IT, Engineering, Business, and Construction. Besides that, you get fantastic living conditions there and find a mix of cultures that you don’t find anywhere else. All of these together make it an attractive destination for those who are looking for a better life and brighter future.

The Role of Australian Immigration Consultants in Dubai

Eligibility Assessment

When you choose to go with an Australian Immigration Consultant, they become your personal guide.They examine your background, qualifications, work experience and other important details to suggest you the best possible path to get to Australia.

Paperwork Management

I personally find gathering and handling the paperwork quite daunting and I am sure many would agree with me. When you have an immigration consultant on board, they do the needful for you

Application Submission

Submitting the application is like sending the message in a bottle while hoping that it reaches the right shore. That’s where immigration consultants come in to help us with filling the application form, keeping up to date with Australian immigration authorities, and submission of the application.

Keeping Updated

The immigration rules and regulations keep changing. More of than not we are not aware of the ins and outs of it but immigration consultants are up to date with the changes. Therefore, it’s important to keep in touch with them to stay in the loop on latest trends.

Key Steps In The Migration Process

migrating to Australia from Dubai

Research and Planning

First and foremost, before you begin the application process, conduct a thorough research on life in Australia which includes the basics such as cost of living, job, schools, accommodation, child welfare, etc. Followed by a timeline for migration and your goals.

Choose The Right Visa

There is a range of visas available as per individual eligibility and requirements. Immigration consultants help you identify the right type of visa for you which fulfils your goals – whether it’s for study, work or permanent residence.

Skills Assessment

A skills assessment is required by certain occupations especially if you’re applying for a work permit. Immigration consultants not only guide you through the process, they also ensure that you meet the criteria for higher chances of visa.

Language Proficiency

Proficiency in English is crucial, no matter which visa you’re applying for. Australia is an English-speaking country, therefore it’s important that you give language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL and get the required results to qualify for the visa.


If you’re the one who has always kept all the documents carefully and safely, then it may be an easy step for you. Gathering the documents is a task that requires effort on one part. Immigration consultants assist in compiling the entire set of documents so that there is no room for error.

Visa Submission and Follow-up

Once the assessments have been done, all the documents have been gathered and application has been duly filled; Australian immigration consultants in Dubai then maintain regular contact with the embassy, ensure that the application is progressing smoothly and keep you informed about any update or requirements.

Considerations When Migrating To Australia

Cultural Differences:

Migrating to Australia from Dubai may come to you as a major cultural change. Understanding and respecting their way of life would help integrate and become a part of your new community seamlessly.

Financial Planning

Relocating to a new country comes at a price, literally. You need to plan your finances very carefully while considering the costs of accommodation, food, transportation, education, and healthcare.

Health Insurance

While Australia has a renowned healthcare system in the world, one must take advantage of it and get health insurance for yourself and family to cover unforeseen and unaffordable medical expenses.


Meet new people, attend events in your locality and build a network in order to increase your job prospects as well as to make your transition smooth. Having a strong network is recommended to start a new life there.

We hope that we covered the basics that you needed to know before starting your journey. Moving to Australia is more than a migration; it is a life changing experience for those who take it up. The journey from the get-go becomes easier with the help and guidance of Australian immigration consultants. So if you want to make your Australian dream come true, now is the time to take the first step and start your adventure.


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